Our Priorities

People and

We benefit from an engaged employee population motivated to join Blackbaud by our values and the work to support organizations and individuals driving social impact. Our culture is built on remote-first flexibility, which offers our employees opportunities to develop, grow, and lead regardless of location.

Focused on Employee Engagement

Our vision is to create a culture that thrives and delivers an engaged, inclusive employee experience to all. To do this, we feel it is critical to request feedback and hear from our employees.

How we’re doing:

  • 90% of employees say the fact that Blackbaud operates in a socially responsible manner is important to them
  • 90% of employees participated in our annual Employee Engagement Survey
  • Monthly Q&As with senior leaders

Investing in Our Employees’ Development

We value the skills, depth of knowledge, and individuality that each employee brings to help our customers build a better world. We strive for continual learning and development, pathways for internal mobility, and training.

How we’re doing:

  • 18,000 professional development courses are available and accessible to employees through LinkedIn Learning®
  • Access to on-demand and company-led trainings in our internal DevelopU learning platform

Caring for Employee Well-Being

We care about people as individuals. We subscribe to a total rewards philosophy with a focus on overall wellbeing and pay-for-performance. We place significant importance on providing benefits that support the emotional, social, intellectual, physical, and financial wellbeing of employees and their families to enable them to thrive as they help our customers drive impact.

How we’re doing:

  • Added new medical benefits for gender affirmation and infertility care
  • Addition of “loss of child during pregnancy” to bereavement policy
  • Addition of Wellbeing Days
  • Enhanced transparency and quality of healthcare with Garner Health

Giving Back

Giving back is part of our DNA. Blackbaud employees engage in philanthropy through an array of programs, including matching gifts, grant committees, and skills-based volunteerism.

How we’re doing:

  • 70% of employees volunteered in 2023
  • 140 grants given to charities
  • 130 team volunteer events
  • 1 in 7 employees served on nonprofit boards

Committed to Inclusion

We are committed to integrating inclusion strategies throughout the company. We do this by empowering our employees to be their authentic selves, thereby fostering a sense of belonging and community across our employees, customers, partners, and others in the social impact community.

How we’re doing:

  • 12 company-supported affinity groups
  • 50% of company’s Board of Directors are female or minority

At Blackbaud, engaged employees are critically important. We celebrate wins, we fail fast, and we learn every day, which is key in creating a thriving environment where everyone is welcomed, heard, and valued.

Maggie Driscoll
Chief People & Culture Officer

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