Taking Action

Blackbaud doesn’t just power the Ecosystem of Good®—we’re an active part of it. Here are a few things we’ve been doing recently to help build a better world.

Leading the Way in Reimagining Generosity

Blackbaud believes in giving back by participating in sector initiatives and lending its experience to industry research and engagement. That’s why in August 2022 our CEO Mike Gianoni accepted the honor of serving as co-chair of the Generosity Commission, an independent project of the Giving USA Foundation™. The Generosity Commission conducts original research on current trends in giving, volunteering and other forms of civic engagement; and seeks to hear from everyday nonprofit supporters about the various ways they engage in giving and volunteering.

Over the next year, Mike will help lead The Generosity Commission in developing recommendations for government policy, business practice, and organized philanthropy in how to provide more opportunities for people to support the causes they care about through giving and volunteering.

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Creating New Ways for Supporters to Engage with Causes

In August 2022, Blackbaud announced it acquired Kilter, an intuitive, gamified, activity-based engagement app boasting virtually limitless activity type choices, from the traditional running, walking, and cycling to pickleball, meditation and motorcycling.

Learn how Blackbaud and Kilter will expand the ways nonprofits can engage with their supporters and provide a unique solution for companies as employers take a more active role in supporting their employees’ health and wellness pursuits across remote and distributed workforces.

Supporting Access to Higher Education

EVERFI® from Blackbaud® believes that its responsibility to strengthen education does not end with its programming for K-12 schools. It extends to directly supporting students seeking to continue their educational journeys by attending a college or university. That’s why during the 2021-2022 school year, Everfi awarded a total of $483,000 in college scholarships to K-12 students throughout the United States, helping students and families attain their higher education dreams.

Learn more about these scholarship awards and about how Everfi continues to give back to students across the US.

Investing in Tech Innovation for Social Good

Blackbaud’s Social Good Startup Program is a year-long accelerator designed to support early-stage software companies dedicated to solving problems that matter to the social good community. Since the launch in 2019, 33 startups have completed the program and have collectively raised nearly $100 million in funding. In addition, the program has supported many founders from traditionally underrepresented groups.

In July 2022, we welcomed six new startups into the program, the second cohort of the year.

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Growing Our Impact on the Social Good Community

In January 2022, Blackbaud announced the acquisition of EVERFI, a global social impact technology leader that enables private, public, and social sector organizations to respond to some of today’s most pressing challenges through education and activating community engagement at scale, delivered as a service.

Learn how Blackbaud and EVERFI are strengthening the technology and data-driven impact space, benefiting companies committed to social impact and driving meaningful outcomes that build a better world.

Being Part of the Climate Change Solution

We believe we have a responsibility to act against climate change. We do this in how we operate and through our philanthropy, such as our multi-year, six-figure support for Project Drawdown’s climate education efforts to stop global warming and decrease greenhouse gases.

Most recently, Blackbaud achieved carbon neutrality across our business operations and data centers.

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